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Fire Hydrants & Their Adopted Owners 

Residents living within the boundaries of the Manhasset-Lakeville Water/Fire District are asked to please maintain the area around any and all fire hydrants that are located on their property.  A minimum of 3 feet in all directions must be maintained around fire hydrants in order for fire department members to operate them properly.  This means fire hydrants for 3 feet in all directions must be clear of plants, trees and shrubs, debris, construction materials, vehicles and any other objects that would prohibit fire apparatus from being able to secure a fire hydrant. 

In the winter months, residents should make it a point to shovel snow away from fire hydrants and in the spring/summer months trim shrubs, plants and trees on their property.  Allowing shrubs, plants and trees to overgrow or allowing snow to cover your "adopted" fire hydrant makes it extremely difficult to locate these vital pieces of firefighting equipment.

Precious minutes count when responding to fire emergencies and the cooperation of our vigilant residents will help us locate hydrants faster during someone's time of need.  It is very important that all fire hydrants are visible from the street, so that responding fire apparatus can immediately locate, hook-up and operate them accordingly.  HELP US HELP YOU.

In addition, please contact the Manhasset-Lakeville Water District at (516) 466-4416 should you suspect any unauthorized use of fire hydrants.


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