New Amb
Lee Genser

1st Lieutenant
Andrew Grossman

2nd Lieutenant
Joshua Prisamt

Michael Phillips

Aaron Tomlinson
Kayla Keenan
Trevor Dowd

The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department's Ambulance Unit was founded in August 1988, and responds to on average 1,000 calls annually.

The Ambulance Unit currently responds with Ambulance 8769 and Ambulance 8767, which are both well-powered Advanced Life support (BLS/ALS) ambulances. The Ambulance Unit also responds with EMS First Response Vehicle 8799. All three pieces of apparatus are equipped with today's latest life-saving equipment.

The Ambulance Unit, as well as its three pieces of apparatus, are centrally stationed at Company 3's firehouse, which is located on Prospect Street in the Thomaston section of Great Neck. The Ambulance Unit also maintains a third ambulance, Ambulance 8768 as a spare vehicle which is placed into service when one of the front line apparatus are out of service, or there is significant call volume. Members of the Ambulance Unit are certified as New York State Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), whom are trained in semi-automatic defibrillation and basic medication administration, Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (A-EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians-Critical Care (AEMT-CC) and Paramedics, whom in addition to basic EMT skills, are capable of varrying degrees of advanced skills inlcuding manual defibrillation; starting intravenous lines (IV); administering medications; and endotracheal intubation.

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