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About The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department 

The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department covers ten square miles and has a residential population of over 44,000, and more than three times that amount during the work week. Within the district there are two major hospitals, an industrial park, three high schools, seven middle and elementary schools, numerous shopping centers, houses of worship, office buildings and stores, major access highways and our Town Hall. We also cover over two miles of shorefront.

In 2009, the M-LFD responded to over 2,050 incidents, including over 1,230 house or structure calls, 820 ambulance calls, and various other emergencies including brush fires, electrical wires and car or truck fires. This also includes motor vehicle accidents, which at times required the use of the fire department's heavy rescue units.

To properly protect the diverse district life and property, the district supplies its 255 all-volunteer fire department members with the latest in fire fighting and rescue equipment. In addition to the new fire vehicles, the district over the last few years has purchased or leased operational
equipment such as thermal imaging cameras for all the companies; Hurst tools "Jaws of Life" for the two heavy rescue and highway companies; radios; air packs; and advance life support systems on the two ambulances and budgeted for all chief's cars.

New equipment has also been purchased for behind the scenes maintenance of district operational equipment. The new hydraulic lift system installed at our district maintenance facility allows our mechanics to perform routine tune-ups and special repairs to equipment that would have otherwise been sent out to more costly service centers. The cascade system allows our maintenance department to refill the air bottles used by fire fighters in heavy smoke filled environments to be filled safely and quickly. This reduces the turn around time that bottles can be
put back into service. They presently service 150 air packs and 150 spare bottles.

Training of the fire district staff, as well as the volunteer firefighters, is provided through the Nassau County Fire Service Academy, conferences and symposiums and professional associations. It is funded through the district education budget and education records on all district and fire department staff is kept at the district headquarters.

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