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 M-LFD Dispatch Center in 2013

"WQNF566, 870, the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department signing on the air..."


The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department is dispatched by the full-time dispatchers of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire District. All emergency calls are received by a full-time dispatcher, who then dispatches the appropriate Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies or Units to respond based on the type and location of the emergency.

From early childhood people are taught to 9-1-1 if there is an emergency. While dialing 9-1-1 is a good method of requesting emergency assistance, in order to provide the fastest response time to the residents of the communities we serve, the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department insists that you please dial our direct emergency phone number at (516) 466-4411 for all FIRE and MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, day or night.

** Phone stickers and magnets with our emergency phone number are available for distribution at all of our firehouses.

How members receive notification of alarms:
  • A resident dials (516) 466-4411 and notifies a Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Dispatcher of a fire or medical emergency.

  • The dispatcher inputs the information given into the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) and selects which fire company, companies and/or ambulances will respond based on the caller's location.

  • Members of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department receive notification of emergencies over their voice pagers, like the one pictured to the right. The dispatcher activates the appropriate members using different "tones".

  • Members of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department respond in their personal vehicles to their respective firehouses and answer the call of the community.

  • Reminder: A flashing blue light on a vehicle indicates that a volunteer Firefighter or EMT is responding to an emergency. Please give them the courtesy of the road.
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