On Tuesday, Oct. 10, residents in the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire District approved the issuance of serial bonds in an amount not to exceed $10 million to proceed with the construction of a new ambulance station, located at 70 Cumberland Avenue in the Village of Lake Success. The referendum was approved by a vote of 490-410.

The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Ex-Chiefs


M-LFD Ex-Chiefs 2013

Photograph of the current M-LFD Chiefs with several Ex-Chiefs at the 2013 Installation Dinner.

L-to-R Standing: Ex-Chief Michael F. Uttaro, Ex-Chief Bryan O'Malley, Ex-Chief James M. Pitzer, 4th Deputy Chief Kirk Candan, 1st Deputy Chief Michael Farrone, Chief of Dept. Christopher Pisani, 2nd Deputy Chief Scott Garrigan, 3rd Deputy Chief Mark Kiess, Ex-Chief Kyle A. Dugger, Ex-Chief Brian J. Morris. 
L-to-R Seated: Ex-Chief Joseph T. Geiman, Ex-Chief Walter J. Sawolski, Ex-Chief Barry S. Robinson, Ex-Chief Neil Hicks Sr., Ex-Chief Daniel Ladislaw.


                                               The individuals listed below have proudly served as Manhasset-Lakeville's Chief of Department
1912 Martin Schenck 1958-1960 John W. Paradise 1997-1999 Daniel Ladislaw 2023-2024 Michael Farrone
1913 H. Charles Stevens 1960-1962 Joseph Mastro 1999-2001 Louis Scida  
1914 Martin Schenck 1962-1964 Robert Terry 2001-2003 Patrick McGrath  
No Date James McIntosh 1964-1966 Lewis Hirst 2003-2005 Brian J. Morris  
No Date Danial Burke 1966-1968 Russell Mallgren 2005-2006 Lee T. Strickland*  
1918 Herbert Matthews 1968-1970 John Idol 2006-2009 Bryan O'Malley  
1922-1923 Ernest Hutchings 1970-1971 Nathan Apanof 2009-2010 Michael F. Uttaro  
1923-1924 John Hehn Jr. 1971-1973 Julius Greico 2010-2011 Kyle A. Dugger  
1925-1928 Elisha Rice 1973-1975 Leo Sniadecky 2011-2012 James A. Dillon  
1928-1930 William Miller 1975-1977 Francis Gould 2012-2013 James M. Pitzer  
1930-1931 Josiah Rice 1977-1979 Thaddeus Stasiewicz 2013-2014 Christopher Pisani  
1931-1935 Harold W. Smith 1979-1981 Edward Bennett 2014-2015 Michael Farrone  
1935-1937 Fred A. Nickels 1981-1983 Walter J. Salowski 2015-2016 Scott Garrigan  
1937-1945 William H. Bickell 1983-1985 Joseph Morris 2016-2017 Mark Kiess  
1945-1948 Chester Chicosky 1985-1987 Barry S. Robinson 2017-2018 Christopher Pisani  
1948-1950 Charles Namur 1987-1989 Kenneth J. Paradise  2018-2019 Brian Stone  
1950-1952 Leon Novinsky 1989-1991 Joseph T. Geiman  2019-2020 Craig Gobbo  
1952-1954 Anthony E. Paradise 1991-1993 Neil Hicks Sr.  2020-2021 William Mazurkiewicz  
1954-1956 James A. Platz 1993-1995 Herman P. Wiegand  2021-2022 Michael Rice  
1956-1958 Donald Gray 1995-1997 Robert J. DeVito  2022-2023 Gregory Weisbdurd  
* Passed away while serving as M-LFD Chief of Department
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