M-LFD Makes Quick Work of Great Neck Plaza Apartment Fire

On Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 at 1:58PM, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies 3 and 4 were dispatched to 1 Overlook Avenue in Great Neck Plaza for an odor of smoke in the building. Deputy Chiefs Pisani (8702) and Candan (8704) both responded and were advised that a caller on the third floor was reporting that they smelt smoke and that work was being performed in the building. While responding, the dispatcher gave the Chiefs additional information that FireCom had received a call reporting smoke coming from an apartment on the second floor. 

Deputy Chief Pisani (8702) arrived on scene and went into the apartment building to investigate. He was met with smoke on the second floor hallway and located and entered the apartment in question. Once inside the vacant apartment, Deputy Chief Pisani located a fire burning within the walls and recommended to Deputy Chief Candan (8704) that a working fire be transmitted. The transmission of the “Signal 10” working fire added Manhasset-Lakeville Company #5 and the Ambulance Unit to the initial assignment, as well as the Great Neck Alert Fire Company for a F.A.S.T. (Firefighter Assist and Search Team). 

Engine 8735 was the first piece of apparatus to arrive on the scene and hooked-up to a hydrant and immediately stretched a 1 ¾” hose line to the second floor. Ladder 8743 was the next rig to arrive and sent members to the fire apartment and floor above to open up the walls and check for extension. The crew from Rescue 8730 also performed searches and opened up the walls in the adjoining apartment and the floor below. The crews from Engine 8758 and Tower Ladder 8744 vented the bulkhead, roof and hallways which had elevated levels of carbon monoxide. All searches throughout the building were negative and there was minimal extension outside of the fire apartment. 

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M-LFD Co.'s 2 & 3 Extinguish Fully-Involved Vehicle on Community Drive

On Friday, April 25th, 2014 at 1:10PM, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies 2 and 3 were dispatched to Community Drive just south of Northern Boulevard for a working car fire called in by M-LFD Co. #5 Ex-Captain Scott Chen. Deputy Chief Pisani (8702) was the first unit to arrive on the scene and advised of a fully-involved car fire with brush in the surrounding area also on fire. Engines 8735, 8725 and 8733 all responded and extinguished the burning vehicle as well as the rapidly-spreading brush fire. All units were released from the scene within an hour by Deputy Chief Garrigan (8703). 

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Manhasset-Lakeville F.D. Company #5 Extinguishes Vehicle Fire on NSP

On Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at 11:15PM, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Company #5 was dispatched to the Northern State Parkway westbound between New Hyde Park Road and Lakeville Road for a reported vehicle fire. Deputy Chief Candan (8704) was the first unit to respond and was advised that N.Y.S. Police and an M-LFD member were on scene reporting a working car fire at that location. Engines 8758 and 8756 both responded and extinguished the burning vehicle. All units were released from the scene by Deputy Chief Candan (8704) within thirty minutes.

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Manhasset-Lakeville F.D. Elects Michael Farrone New Chief of Department 2014-2015

On Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 at Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Company #5’s firehouse in North New Hyde Park, the members of the department thanked outgoing Chief of Department Christopher Pisani (8702) for his five years of service as a Chief Officer and for a job well-done. Also on this evening, 1st Deputy Chief Michael Farrone (8705) was elected and sworn-in as the new Manhasset-Lakeville Chief of Department for 2014-2015. Chief Michael Farrone’s Deputies for 2014-2015 are: 1st Deputy Chief Scott Garrigan (8703), 2nd Deputy Chief Mark Kiess (8701), 3rd Deputy Chief Kirk Candan (8704) and 4th Deputy Christopher Pisani (8702; Ex-Chief Pisani was re-elected for a second term). 

Michael Ward from Company #5 was sworn-in as the new President of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department, with Konata Ragin from Company #3 sworn-in as the new Department Vice President, John Nash from Company #2 sworn-in as the new Department Sergeant-at-Arms, and Michael Fener sworn-in as new Department Treasurer. New Chief of Department Michael Farrone said “It has been a dream of mine for over 25 years to serve as the Chief of this great fire department and I am very happy to be in this position.”

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Manhasset-Lakeville F.D. Squad 8759 & Ambulance 8768 Handle Van Into The Woods

On Monday, March 31st, 2014 at 12:48PM, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies 3, 5 and the Ambulance Unit were dispatched to the westbound Northern State Parkway at Lakeville Road for a reported van into a tree.  Ex-Chief Morris arrived on scene and reported a van lost control, drove in to the woods and he was unsure if the driver was trapped inside the vehicle.  Deputy Chief Candan (8704) arrived on the scene a minute later and advised all incoming units that there was no entrapment, but one aided.  Squad 8759 stabilized the vehicle and then began packaging the patient until the arrival of Ambulance 8768, who transported one patient to North Shore University Hospital Manhasset.  All units were released from the scene within twenty minutes.

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